Creation of unique tastes

Extrusion is a continuous and versatile as well as cost-effective technology. It opens tremendous paths of applications that we, at MANE classify in 2 main groups:

  • Cooked AND extruded products: formed flakes or flavouring preparations with an exclusive and unique cooked or roasted culinary profile, obtained thanks to a physical treatment applied to natural raw materials under a specific temperature range and atmospheric pressure.
  • Encapsulated products: The idea behind encapsulation using extrusion is to create a molten mass in which the products to be encapsulated are dispersed or dissolved under low heat and poor oxygen conditions. Upon cooling, this mass will solidify, entrapping the active components. The release of encapsulated products can occur under the influence of a trigger, specifically designed for the application. Encapsulation by extrusion is particularly suitable for fresh and citrus notes, as this process preserves better their highly volatile and sensitive components.

With extrusion, you can capture or emphasize the aroma or flavour you delight, completely design the shape you want in a continuous and cost-effective technology!

The use of extrusion allows to capture or create unique aromas and flavours profiles for your applications in granules of various shapes and sizes.