Natural solutions to address the economical, regulatory and sensorial challenges of natural flavours. MANE offers one of the widest palettes of natural proprietary compounds and molecules to its Flavourists, enabling them to formulate high-performing and affordable natural flavours responding to the most demanding regulations such as MANE NATIVE ranges for all Savoury applications (Meat, Vegetables, Seafood, Seasonings).

Flavours for taste sensations providing solutions to the sensory challenges generated by complex solutions engineered by the food and drink industry (reducing/replacing unwanted ingredients or adding actives)



3 main research programmes:
Mask (bitterness, acidity, after-taste, actives, off-notes, stevia)
Boost (sweetness, creaminess, umami, saltiness)
Feel (cool using the Physcool® proprietary molecule, warm, mouth-watering)
Encapsulation technologies offering significant release, stability or loading benefits in food and drink applications.
MANE offers one of the widest encapsulation portfolios of the flavour industry for all types of applications (tea, confectionery, oral care, savoury, bakery, instant beverages, instant desserts…).
These programmes encompass all consumer understanding research works from societal observation to flavour innovation, leveraging the most advanced techniques of consumer research and creativity. TREND CAPTURETM is organized around four mega-trends :
Body & mind
Health and wellness encompasses all the strategies aiming at improving our health and wellness states through food.
Trust and conscience
Consumers are more and more sensitive to environmental and societal issues
they have the power to change the world. These drives the Trust & Conscience market trends.
We use internally our findings on this platform & we are ready to share them with our customers.
All those new eating habits emerging through this process of individuals re-inventing the way they eat to match their new lifestyle and their newly conquered individual freedom.
All the strategies aiming at inventing, amplifying, playing with the sensorial experience to achieve a never ending enjoyment.