ICE, Ice-Cream Centre of Excellence

One place for Excellence

MANE opened its Ice-cream Centre of Excellence (ICE) in 2011 in Italy (Bareggio, Milano), the historical and renowned country of ice-cream.
This unique centre combines MANE’s international experience in flavours and “Gelato” experience inherited from the Gelcrem company*.
ICE addresses both the industrial and artisan ice-cream makers.

Fostering innovation & creativity

ICE is an open centre for creativity on a multi-dimensional playground covering taste, texture, and appearance. It is an opportunity to re-invent ice-cream, leveraging artisan gelato as a vital source of inspiration for industrial ice-cream, and cross-fertilizing ideas from food & drinks categories all around the world.
The centre opens its doors to creative sessions and workshops, supported by experts in marketing, sensory and ice-cream formulation.

A state-of-the-art laboratory for customised solutions

ICE is a centre to boost ice-cream research capabilities. It is fully equipped with leading-edge machines, and supported by a highly skilled R&D team. The centre has the capacity to design ice-cream, water ice, sorbet, sherbet, granitas, and shakes.

Solutions for Ice-Cream at 360°

ICE offers not only flavours, but solutions at 360° for the ice-cream segment: pastes, toppings, ripples, rippy sprays, stabilisers, and mixes for soft cream… ICE has a unique positioning in the industry supporting ice-cream players with an integrated innovation approach of taste, texture and appearance.

A Partnership for Excellence

MANE has a partnership with Carpigiani, the global leader in the production of machines for fresh artisan ice cream, and is an official supplier of the Carpigiani Gelato University.


* Gelcrem was founded in 1954 in Italy and specialised in semi-finished products and flavours for artisan ice-creams. Gelcrem was acquired by MANE in 2008 and fully integrated in MANE operations in 2011.