Meat Expertise

Functional and aromatic solutions

Application excellence

MANE Meat Centres of Excellence provide complete and customised solutions for the meat industry throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, including functional and aromatic blends, flavours and vegetable proteins.
MANE Meat Centres of Excellence are located in Rubi (Spain), Noisiel (France) and Warsaw (Poland).

360° solutions for meat projects

MANE Meat Centres of Excellence have a unique positioning in the industry, supporting meat players with a 360° degree approach to taste, texture and appearance.
One of the key capabilities of MANE Meat Centres of Excellence is the development of aromatic and functional blends adapted to your own requirement. Each blend is unique and tested in the final product.
The solutions offered by MANE Meat Centres of Excellence are combined with strong dedicated services:

  • Market trends
  1. Consumer understanding
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Technological monitoring
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Regulatory advice
  • Technical support


Taste expertise dedicated to meat

MANE Meat Centres of Excellence rely on MANE’s technologies and flavour expertise to develop high quality blends that use first class savoury flavours.
MANE technological expertise encompasses 3 programmes addressing key flavour challenges in the meat sector:

  1. PURE CAPTURETM: Natural expertise
  1. N-CAPTURETM: Encapsulation solutions
  1. SENSE CAPTURETM: Complex formulation solutions


Meat R&D proficiency

MANE Meat Centres of Excellence R&D department brings together food technologists, flavourists, butchers and chefs with extensive experience in the meat industry.
These professionals are dedicated to meeting all your projects’ requirements including: development of new products and concepts, enhancement of sensorial attractiveness, cost reduction, improvement of texture, emulsification and juiciness.
The pilot plants of MANE Meat Centres of Excellence are fully equipped to reproduce industrial-like conditions of processed meat including state-of-the-art cutters, injectors, vacuum fillers and meat mincers.



MANE plants of Sablé-sur-Sarthe (France) and Rubi (Spain) are devoted to the production of functional and aromatic blends.
These plants operate under the highest of quality standards.