Consumer Goods

Lend glamour to daily life

With all their passion, MANE Perfumers express their talent and their creativity for all types of fragrance categories.

Our multi-local approach in our development centres around the world grant our creative teams with the consumer insight to merge the essence of local cultures into our creations.

We support our customers’ brands with the results of our in-house developed consumer insight research programme Goldeneye.

We use our regional panels to benchmark our new fragrances for the benefit of our customers’ products with winning scents that embody and add value to their brands.

The technology experts in our laboratories further complement the development process to ensure the technical quality, efficiency & base-compatibility of our fragrances. They also participate with partners and customers to the creation of new & innovative market prototypes. Our fragrances bring a scent of efficiency.

MANE creates not only original and beautiful fragrances, but also highly performing and competitive compositions, fitting every type of applications, from toiletries to fabric care, including its natural and proprietary cooling agent Physcool® which can be used in skincare formulations.

Always following consumer insights and market trends, MANE develops cutting-edge fragrances, thanks to its technical expertise, which perfectly fits a brand and a market.

Our teams understand our clients and customers needs.
Our Perfumers transcribe it into a unique olfactive experience.

Hair Care

Because all consumers demand professional results, we highlight a shampoo, conditioner or hair coloration’s benefits with appealing & lasting fragrances.

Skin Care

We blend market trends with use & habit insight to provide your skin care & body wash products with unique fragrances designed especially for your brands that consumers will enjoy using everyday.

Fabric Care

We bring our expertise and technology to offer long-lasting fragrances for fabric care products that will enhance the softness of freshly-cleaned clothes, house linen & towels.

Air & Home Care

Finding the right balance between performance & emotion allows us to design fragrances that will support the functional benefits of your detergents, provide solutions for odour control or enhance the welcoming & caring atmosphere of your home.