Christine Nagel’s interview on France Inter Radio

Christine Nagel, MANE Vice President Creation Fine Fragrance and Jean-Claude Ellena, Hermès in-house perfumer, developed their thoughts on: ''Does our present time have a smell?''  on a French Radio Show.

They talked about the specific scent of Paris, the natural odor of Provence, their olfactive memories, linked to childhood.

Today, in our western world, everything is perfumed. People are stimulated every day by all sorts of fragrances.
Traditional beauty & home products, but also unusually fragranced objects such as toothbrushes, diapers or perfumed packaging.
Even brands have odors: restaurants, bakeries and clothing stores try to associate their shops, meals, and clothes to a recognizable and specific fragrance.
Consumers today are used to live in a hyper-perfumed world, without having all the time full awareness of it.

You can listen this interview here