FIFI AWARDS, Les Parfums 2012 - 2 FIFI Awards for MANE

MANE is happy to share with you its recently won 2 FIFI Awards.

On June 27th, 2012, in Paris, the Fragrance Foundation of France honoured 13 fragrances at the Parfums Ceremony 2012.
2 MANE creations feature among the winners:
- The Specialist’s Prize for Orange Sanguine, Atelier Cologne by Ralf Schwieger.
- The Best Feminine Mass-Market Fragrance for Clin d’Oeil Passionnée Eau Fraîche, Bourjois by Céline Ripert.

Two special prizes, selected from award winners of the previous editions, were awarded  for the 20th anniversary of the French FIFI Awards:
Narcisso for Her, Narcisso Rodriguez created in 2003, was voted Best Feminine Fragrance of the past 20 years. Its creators are Christine Nagel, Vice President Fine Fragrances at MANE and Francis Kurkdjian.