Perfumery Award MANE

MANE is happy to share with you the awards received during the Prêmio Atualidade Cosmética's 21st ceremony, held on November 5th in São Paulo. Organized by magazine ...

After a successful first edition in 2012, the Community-Minded 2013 edition of “Taste of France Show” will offer New Yorkers the ability to experience France in a brand new format.

MANE’s Flavour Division has been investigating the relation between flavours and emotions through the E-Capture consumer research programme since 2008. The latest research focusing on the cappuccino segment leverages cutting ...

On September 16th, 2013, Xavier Argiles, CEO of NUFRI and Jean M.

The Flavors & Fragrances Conference, originally organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of the Chemical Industry, and last held at the Royal College in London in 2007, has been taken over by the

Savoury flavours and seasonings are one of the key growth drivers for MANE. 

To create a true second pillar next to the Premier Parfum, Pacific Creation's brand has worked twice as hard.

In 2001, MANE decided to set up an affiliate in Johannesburg to better cater to the needs of the South African fragrance market. This task was entrusted to Olivier Cebe, who had ...

Every summer since 1994, the Aveyron comes alive with a particular colour, thanks to the festival called “Les Rencontres d'Aubrac”,on the road to

Whether savoury or sweet, gustative notes instinctively touch us.