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In 2009, after years of research and a patent, MANE pioneered the first biodegradable and alcohol-free Fine Fragrance on the market.

In a fast-evolving market, our AQUAFINE™ fragrance microemulsion is more than ever the answer to the growing consciousness and sustainability concerns of consumers while not compromising on performance and sensoriality with a greener formula.

AQUAFINE™ is a fluid, transparent, biodegradable and highly fragrancing solution available for various categories of products from Fine Fragrance to Fabric Care.

In addition, our water-based microemulsion can be infused with strand or skin-boosting ingredients like botanical extracts to enhance shine or hydration.

Formulated with 100% biodegradable ingredients and through a low energy and low-carbon manufacturing process, AQUAFINE™ scores 85/100 in our GREEN MOTION™ tool demonstrating the holistic performance towards environmental criteria.