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Armani Privé Pivoine Suzhou awarded by the “Accademia del Profumo”

On April 29th, the "Accademia del Profumo" awarded a MANE creation the miglior profumo di nicchia (best niche fragrance) prize during the Ceremony held at “Magna Pars Events Space”, a former perfume manufacture, in Milan.

The jury, composed of 15 members of the Steering Committee of the Perfume Academy, 8 beauty editors, 8 perfumers and over 66 000 consumers who participated in voting to elect the winners, chose Armani Privé Pivoine Suzhou by Julie Massé & Cécile Matton as the 2015 best niche fragrance.

The floral fragrance is a celebration of the most beloved flower of China: the peony. Symbol of the ancient Chinese empire, represents happiness, grace and prosperity.

In Suzhou, a city declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, Giorgio Armani has discovered a city of canals and bridges, powered by the great Yangtze River. It was another Italian traveler, Marco Polo, who described Suzhou as the "Venice of the East", as its canals reminded him of his hometown.

Suzhou is an ensemble of great beauty, a balance between art and nature.

Pivoine Suzhou captures the essential sensuality of a peony petal's touch...

...exploring the contrast of Rose and Woods: the May Rose Absolute & Peony accord enhances the texture, while the Woods (Orcanox™) suggest a vertical elegance that echoes Giorgio Armani’s fashion

...diffusing light with the Italian touch of Green Tangerine Essence and the sharp spiciness of Pink Pepper Pure Jungle Essence ™

...offering a new sublime addiction through a very natural touch of Raspberry Jungle Essence ™, perfectly blended with the natural fruity facet of Peony.