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Anyone who has an ear to the ground in the lifestyle sector will have realised that, over the past few years, consumers have started taking a more holistic approach to their well-being. As a society, we have become more aware of our own health and the impact we have on the environment.

New lifestyle habits have shifted consumer expectations towards natural and conscientious products, and this has been an absolute game-changer for the exclusive fine fragrance, cosmetics, home-care and food industries.

MANE has been collating and working with worldwide consumer insights and sensory perceptions to work out what really moves our consumers to make these changes. We have been analysing consumption and lifestyle trends across Europe, and we’ve found out that environmental awareness and wellness are the top two emerging trends for users of beauty and home-care products.

The growth of 100% natural fragrances across all consumer goods segments has become a way to address these new needs. We can take natural products from what was once a niche industry and use them to meet new mainstream expectations, taking consumers back to their roots. This fundamental industry shift is clear as the global natural cosmetics market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 10%* by 2025*, thus outpacing the conventional beauty category.

According to our latest usage and attitudes data**, consumers perceive 100%-natural fragrances as eco-friendly (53%), good for their health (43%) and good for their skin (38%).

At MANE, we put these lessons into practice to give consumers the level of naturalness they want and use them to support fragrance creations that meet their scent preference in each personal care category, fitting targeted brands and markets.

Our perfumers set out to meet these needs by designing scents that offer a unique sensory experience, because we believe that consumers shouldn’t have to choose between product performance and a delightful fragrance. We are still creating new natural signature fragrances to support our clients, from pioneers to global brands, in their quest to consistently innovate and design successful products while shifting their range towards a more natural approach.

* from 2018 to 2025, according to Grand View Research ** USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany