Caroline Gaillardot, a MANE perfumer, sharing her passion on BBC Radio

Caroline Gaillardot was interviewed on the 8th of May by the BBC radio.
How do you capture and bottle a scent? Two perfume makers from France and Malaysia talk to Kim Chakanetsa from BBC radio about how they have trained their noses to smell over 1,000 different raw ingredients. They explain why a scent made for the European market wouldn't sell so well in Japan, and which smells they simply cannot stand.

Caroline Gaillardot is a MANE perfumer who specialises in creating scents for beauty care products, including shampoos, shower gels and deodorants. She was born in Grasse, France, which has long been regarded as the world capital of the perfumery, although she says she wanted to become a perfumer simply because she always loved to smell.

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