Cecile Matton 2018 Small

MANE is proud to announce that Cécile Matton has been named « Perfumer of the Year 2018 » by the editors of Cosmétique Mag, at the Cosmétique Mag Oscars ceremony on the 4th of June 2018.

Cécile Matton has two passions: fragrances and jewels, and she creates both, hence her nickname “the Jeweller Perfumer” . The contemporary, spontaneous, sparkling and joyful bohemian creator defines herself as “an artisan more than an artist”. She loves to work with materials in a concrete way. Be it flowers, woods, metal or stone, the pure creation process is what really matters. Everything begins with strong creative ideas that she knows how to turn into international successes. Her hedonistic nature shows in her creations, which she wants to be a source of pleasure. Cécile loves simplicity, and likes to work while having fun.

This Parisian coming from Africa spent her childhood in Zaïre, where overdosed heat exacerbated scents and awoke her senses, especially her nose. Back in Paris, she decided to take a side path and studied pharmacy with the real goal of becoming a Perfumer! She finally entered Givaudan’s school of Perfumery, and designed her first Fine Fragrance creations in this company. She worked for IFF in New-York for a few years and joined MANE in 2007 where she created memorable fragrances for international brands like Emporio Armani, Viktor & Rolf, Diptyque, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce&Gabbana, Pomellato or Thierry Mugler.

The palette of ingredients MANE offers to the perfumers nourishes her creativity, from high-end naturals, which she knows by-heart, to Jungle Essence™ extractions, that she loves to use, and that push boundaries. At MANE, Cécile found an echo to her own human values and her desire to protect people and the planet, through the engagement of the company for environment and Conscious Sourcing.