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Our commitment to a better future encourages perfumers to play with the largest palette of Cleen ingredients in the industry, using our expertise in biotechnology and upcycling to provide consumers with innovative planet-friendly alternatives.

"With Cleen Capture, we have to adapt our palette somewhat, but we often have complete olfactive freedom. We push our creative boundaries for more sustainable perfumery." Gérald Ellena, Perfumer

At a time when 87% of consumers want to know if their perfume is safe for the environment and the planet, Cleen Capture directly addresses current consumer concerns. MANE also supports the initiative to co-develop an industry-wide environmental impact assessment and scoring system for cosmetics products. This will provide consumers with clear and transparent environmental-impact information based on a common science-based methodology.

"Cleen is definitely going to be the new baseline for greater safety and eco-friendliness in perfumery, notions that speak to me on a deep level. Thanks to MANE’s tools, our creations are becoming greener." Rolph Gasparian, Perfumer