Focus On Food Safety

Focus on Food Safety: 5 production plants now BRC certified in EMEA

Food safety have always been at the heart of MANE’s corporate quality policy. We are therefore pleased to share that the British Retail Consortium certification was obtained in 2014 for the following plants:

- Jeddah, Banawi MANE Flavors, K.S.A
- Bareggio, MANE Italia, Italy
- Sablé-sur-Sarthe, MANE, France.

The certification of these three plants come in addition to that of MANE’s two main production sites in France.

The BRC certification for the MANE Lyraz plant in Quéven (France), which is dedicated to Savoury extracts and flavours, was renewed this year and obtained with an A grade.

The BRC version 6 standard Grade A certification of the Bar-sur-Loup Headquarters was renewed in June, this year.

The BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification is a prerequisite for any food manufacturer looking to export to the United Kingdom, protecting British consumers and widely recognised as setting high standards for food safety.

The successful passing of the above certifications acknowledges the quality of MANE’s products, both functional and aromatic blends, as well as its processes.

For a full list of our Food Safety and Quality certifications worldwide, please visit our Quality page.