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Did you know that washing your hair is not the only way to have hair that smells clean and fresh? ​According to 37%* of consumers, clean hair means fresh-smelling hair.

That is why MANE has developed FRESHPLEX™, a fragrance solution that makes hair smell like it has just been washed.​ FRESHPLEX™ has been tested and approved to fight unpleasant odours and help hair smell fresh and fragrant.​ Our solution has been proven to reduce the perception of unpleasant hair and scalp odours by up to 80%.​

More specifically, our hair care sensory tests show that our FRESHPLEX™ solution can reduce the following unpleasant odours that can be associated with hair and scalp: ​

  • sweat, 64%​
  • cooking odours, 54%​
  • cigarette smoke, 52%​

Our perfumers use FRESHPLEX™ at a specific dosage to create customised fragrances applicable for a wide range of leave-on or rinse-off products.​

With FRESHPLEX™, hair smells freshly washed!​

*Source: M2P (MANE Property Panel) FRESHPLEX™ 2022​