Mexico Grand Opening Content Image

At the end of April, MANE Mexico celebrated the grand opening of its new creative and collaborative space designed to bring us even closer to customers.

In attendance at the opening event were Jean Mane, President; Michel Mane, President of Americas; and Samantha Mane, Director of EMEA.

On the day of the event, the Mane family enjoyed a morning tour of the facilities, where they interacted and enjoy a special breakfast with our employees. Later, the new offices welcomed clients who came to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Recognising the potential of this innovative space, they marvelled at this milestone in MANE Mexico’s history as they took part in a cocktail celebration.

The following day, the Mane family honoured the nearby Lerma plant with their visit, during which we recounted the highlights of MANE Mexico in recent years. Jean, Michel and Samantha Mane each shared an inspirational message with the employees, highlighting the importance of the new offices as well as other ongoing and future projects that will drive the continued success of our subsidiary.

To close this visit, we witnessed the unveiling of the first stone of MOLCAJETE II, a project to expand the Lerma plant, which focuses on powdered flavours.