We are happy to introduce our new fully redesigned GREEN MOTION™ application to offer an improved user experience. To properly celebrate the 10-year anniversary and success of our eco-designed tool, our creative team reshaped our GREEN MOTION™ web application with new features and approaches to offer an improved user experience.

At MANE we believe good ideas are worth sharing. For ten years we have GREEN MOTION™ available to all in order to help our customers design greener, safer, more responsible products for tomorrow’s eco-conscious consumers.
We also added a new feature to predict the GREEN MOTION™ index of your final product!

Discover how we assess the GREEN MOTION™ score through the demo account available on our application with 3 different extracts: an absolute, an essential oil and a synthetic molecule.

You too can measure the environmental impact of your laundry detergent or shampoo on a simple 0 to 100 scale by answering the GREEN MOTION™ questionnaire.

For more information, please contact us:
Or visit our new application.