MANE’s commitment to sustainable innovation is to design more eco-friendly chemical products and processes so as to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances.
In 2011, MANE designed its own assessment tool named GREEN MOTION™ based on the 12 principles of Green Chemistry introduced by P. Anastas and J. Warner.
The most famous and widely used green metrics to assess the waste impact is E-Factor, defined as the mass ratio of waste to desired product. This method is both simple to calculate and relevant therefore MANE decided to include it in GREEN MOTION™ tool and to calculate it systematically for all ingredients made by MANE.
Early 2017, Prof. Roger Sheldon, now a recognized authority on Green Chemistry and world widely known for developing E-Factor concept, published a new article to celebrate the 25 years of his metric. It describes the rise of E-Factor and more generally Green Chemistry global impact on environmental footprint minimization in the chemical industry quoting MANE and GREEN MOTION™ as an exemplary application to assess the “greenness” of a process and product in the gate-to-gate manufacturing domain.

Want to discover more : please come to ISGC 2017 and attend either Tony Phan’s talk on GREEN MOTION™ or Prof Roger Sheldon’s conference on sustainability and Green Chemistry.
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ISGC 2017, La Rochelle, 16-19th May 2017