Pop Delights

Jean Louis Scherrer teams up with MANE perfumers for its Pop Delights collection

To celebrate the exuberant energy of Jean-Louis Scherrer, the fashion house introduces the Pop Delights collection, a limited edition of three fragrances.

MANE perfumers Mathilde Bijaoui, Violaine Collas and Julie Massé were tasked with translating the colourful « pop » universe of Jean-Louis Scherrer into a collection of perfumes.

Mathilde Bijaoui created Pop Delights 01, an iced tea with notes of orange blossom and green mandarin.

Violaine Collas created Pop Delights 02, a gardenia flower blended with white peach and ripe apricot.

Julie Massé created Pop Delights 03, a candied rose infused with saffron and a touch of vanilla.

For the launch from 24 to 30 July, unique sorbets created for each fragrance will be distributed across Paris.

More on the website www.popdelights.com