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MANE at the 19th “Journée du Parfum” in Grasse

In April, MANE presented “fragrant usages & habits from Africa” at the 19th “Journée du Parfum” in Grasse.

Since it was created in 1998, MANE has been taking part in this public event with other fragrance houses from Grasse.
This year’s theme was about perfume habits from the five continents. MANE presented fragrant ingredients harvested and used by the Himba tribes of Namibia and sourced through a fair-trade partnership.
Visitors were offered to discover:

Myrrh, a resin close to incense that has been used for centuries in spiritual rituals, but in the Himba women’s beauty regime, who mix the resin with animal fat and sacred ochre to rub their skin with this perfumed and moisturizing mixture

Bushman Candle, a thorny shrub so rich in resin that it could be used as a torch, which is employed by Namibian communities to give gazelle meat a smoked flavour while repelling mosquitoes

And Cocoa, probably the most popular of the three ingredients, whose nourishing butter has been used for years in Africa from head to toe and has since inspired European and American beauty habits.