International day of persons with disabilities

In keeping with its current policy first implemented in 2012, MANE has signed its fourth agreement promoting the employment of people with disabilities. This agreement sets forth the following objectives:

  • Continue to increase the number of employees with disabilities to 4.5% of the workforce
  • Strengthen our cooperation with sheltered employment companies by assigning them projects
  • Retain employees with disabilities
  • Continue involving other sites in addition to Bar-sur-Loup
  • Explore the possibility of accommodating various types of disabilities subject to company requirements and needs for skills
  • Promote support within V. MANE FILS for the parents of children with severe disabilities

In 2021, the company received the Sud-Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur regional diversity guidelines award for its disability policy. This award is proof that the inclusion policy implemented ten years ago – for both visible and invisible diversity – was the right decision.

Concrete actions ensure that these commitments are kept, as for examples:

  • Priority employment with permanent and fixed-term contracts as well as work-study programmes alternating acquisition of knowledge and skills
  • Special and innovative partnerships with sheltered employment companies
  • A part of the apprenticeship tax set aside for specialised training centres, schools and establishments open to people with disabilities
  • Training future supervisors to help them assimilate and manage employees with disabilities
  • Financial compensation for efforts made within the framework of administrative procedures for recognition of official disabled worker or for implementing necessary access-friendly actions/workstations

Together, we can work to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities at MANE.

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