Best Of France

MANE and CRAFTING BEAUTY to Create the Official Best Of France Perfume and Candle

Fragrance and packaging specialists MANE and CRAFTING BEAUTY are honored to create the official perfume and candle of
the 2015 BEST OF FRANCE show. The French Eau de Parfum will emphasize the South of France ambiance by including citrus
and neroli Mediterranean notes. The candle will enhance the New York style with an apple scent, in reference to the
famous Big Apple.
These elegant French products will be exclusively made and sold during the BEST OF FRANCE event, located in Times
Square, for the entire weekend of September 26th-27th. The show will explore the diversity of the French Art de Vivre
through events and programs focusing on gastronomy, lifestyle, tourism, fashion, beauty, culture, and technology and
innovation. After the successful 2013 edition, more than 500,000 visitors are expected this year, making this show the
world’s largest event dedicated to France.
With free general admission, visitors will discover the best of what France has to offer today, with the presence of famous
brands such as L’Oréal, Air France, Dassault Falcon, Sofitel, Axa, Galeries Lafayette, YSL… People will enjoy numerous
entertainments: fashion shows, French cuisine tasting, and even high quality concerts and dance shows, notably with the
gorgeous dancers of the Moulin Rouge. Moreover, two prestigious Grand Wine Tastings will be the opportunity for wine
amateurs to discover over 100 French wines presented by top NYC Sommeliers.
Highlighting the expertise of French perfumery, MANE’s contribution to this exciting event will feature a live demonstration
of the distillation of the fragrance’s raw materials which will give the public a unique opportunity to see the process of how
perfume is made. The exclusive 2015 BEST OF FRANCE signature fragrance creation, bottled to perfection and handcrafted
by the French perfume packaging producer CRAFTING BEAUTY, will be available for sale at the MANE & CRAFTING BEAUTY
stand. The scent and the candle will be exclusively sold at the show, in limited quantities.
Visit the MANE & CRAFTING BEAUTY stand on Broadway, between 48th and 49th streets, to experience the Art & Science of
Perfume Creation.
BEST OF FRANCE, September 2015, Times Square
Saturday 26th 11:00am-09:00pm & Sunday 27th 10:00am-7:00pm
MANE & CRAFTING BEAUTY stand: between 48th and 49th streets, Broadway, New York City