Marrakesh Kebabs

MANE continues to strengthens its partnership with Deli Spices, with the development of products for the consumers of Sub-Saharan Africa.

The latest example is the creation of an improved range of dry marinades, targeting the B2B retail market.
The Deli Spices R&D Technologists collaborated with MANE Meat Centres of Excellence for both a functional and flavour perspective while utilising market research results to capture local flavour trends.

The range includes 15 lines for “Classic, World Cuisine, Proudly African or Something Spicy” flavour profiles, with popular and exotic names like “Sticky BBQ, Creamy Garlic & Herb, Peri Peri and Marrakesh” to make them more appealing to the consumer.

They are supplied in a ready pack form and only need to be mixed with water and oil to be used.

Some of the key benefits of the Ready-To-Mix range include versatility on meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and meat alternatives; and flavour, colour and visual inspiration to meat applications.
The marinades adhere to and penetrate flavour into the meat and are an easy way to tenderise meat. They also incorporate a preservative function to retain the shelf life of the marinade and fresh meat. The products are shelf stable and easy to store.

The product range also includes attractive retail labels per product, offering a sensory description and ingredient listing for the consumer.