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On Friday 14 June 2024, MANE and Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) joined forces to create a research and teaching chair on Diversity & Inclusion in Beauty, headed by research professor Caroline Ardelet, PhD. This 3-year partnership will contribute to a reflection on the impact of beliefs and practices on the representation of beauty around the world.

The Diversity & Inclusion in Beauty Chair will pursue 2 major objectives.

The first is to document the diversity of beliefs and practices related to beauty (perfumery, make-up, skincare and related products) by seeking to offer a global vision of beauty practices around the world, from clothing to tattoos, cosmetic surgery, and the relationship with hair, natural or magical products.

The second is to understand the impact of the industry (beauty economic ecosystem, brands, suppliers, distributors, media) and society at large (normative frameworks, perception biases) on the construction and deconstruction of beauty standards worldwide.

"We are proud to partner with Institut Français de la Mode on the 'Diversity in Beauty' initiative to promote inclusivity in fashion and fragrance. This academic and research programme will enhance cultural diversity and open up possibilities in beauty practices", said Mehdi Lisi, President Fine Fragrance, MANE.

The Chair's projects aim to bring together students from a variety of backgrounds, and will involve both academics and industry professionals.

In this context, we are launching:

  • a MANE x IFM challenge that will bring together 20 students from IFM and the NYU Stern Business School on various themes such as Chinese pride, non-gendered beauty, natural and ancestral gestures, the relationship with innovation and technology (AI);
  • a MANE certificate programme to deepen knowledge of beauty and diversity;
  • a collective publication compiling the Chair's findings;
  • an annual symposium.

"I'm very happy about this new chair with MANE, which will enable IFM to strengthen the interdisciplinarity of its teaching and its expertise in the field of beauty, around shared values such as inclusion and diversity", concludes Xavier Romatet, Dean of IFM.