The MANE sensory team was at the Eurosense 2018 Symposium in Verona and presented 2 posters on their latest flavour researches.
EuroSense is a preeminent event, gathering sensory and consumer researchers, both academics and from industry, worldwide.   The topic of the 2018 conference was 'A Sense of Taste', with a specific attention to individual differences in sensory perception, liking, preference, choice and behaviour.
MANE presented 2 posters related to strategic topics for the food & drink industry:
Sugar reduction - Mathieu Michalet focused on how a multiple-sip temporal methodology can help understand the complexity of soft drinks perception.
Flavours & emotions - Hélène Allain exhibited a poster on the use of the cross-modal association principle in consumer preference tests to go beyond the simple liking of vanilla ice-creams.