Flavour Talk webnews

MANE had the pleasure of presenting its Four Seasons experience at the 2023 FlavourTalk Raw Materials exhibition. This marked the first time in three years that visitors could engage in this important event in person.

Our team simultaneously showcased four ingredients corresponding to the four seasons, providing attendees with a complete sensory experience. Ingredients were carefully selected according to several criteria including excellent GREEN MOTION™ scores of 50+.

MAXITRUS, with its radiant and aldehydic properties, sparkled in the summer sun. This delightful molecule has a sweet, green, and orange-like profile that is perfect for use in all sweet categories. This extract also boosts naturalness and juiciness in beverages. Attendees experienced and compared the effects of MAXITRUS in refreshing orange-flavoured beverages.

VANILLA BOURBON PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ OIL, with its beany and woody characteristics, provided comfort in autumn. When used in baked goods and confectionery, this upcycled natural extract, a co-product of our VANILLA PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™, brings a woody vanilla note with balsamic and phenolic facets. Guests tasted two biscuits to compare the effects of VANILLA BOURBON PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ OIL.

VINYL GAIACOL, with its mystical and smoky notes, offered warmth in the winter cold. This 100% EU-natural molecule was developed through bioconversion of rice bran ferulic acid, a technique drawing on MANE's expertise in biotechnology. The ingredient has a smoky, clove-like profile with sweet, fruity facets. This multifaceted molecule is usually used in sweet applications that bring out its warm character, but it also adds smokiness to savoury applications such as barbecue and cured meats. Attendees tasted its warm, smoky effect in a ketchup and chips.

Finally, TIMUR PEPPER PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™, with its lush and idyllic properties, refreshed us in the spring. To create this sustainable natural extract, berries are hand-harvested in Nepal, brought to our facilities in Le Bar-Sur-Loup, and extracted with our JUNGLE ESSENCE™ technology. This citrusy extract has a floral grapefruit note with fruity facets. It provides freshness and complexity to beverages as well as all sweet and savoury categories. Its effects were enjoyed in a flavoured fruit paste.