2018 11 28 16 48 59 Fragrance Innovation Summit 25 10 2018 Paris

To continue to seduce, Fine Fragrances offer new ingredients, new notes, new applications, new textures, new functions: brands, suppliers, and distributors have been methodically exploring these multiple avenues for innovation.

In keeping with the event organised last year, the 2018 Fragrance Innovation Summit held on 25th October in Paris has provided an overview of the major market trends, the latest innovations, and the emerging technologies, as well as testimonies of professionals.

Serge Majoullier, MANE’s Jungle Essence™ expert and Senior Perfumer presented a conference titled “NEPALESE TIMUR PEPPER: INNOVATE WITH NEW INGREDIENTS”. MANE has succeeded in establishing a new sourcing partnership in collaboration with remarkable Nepalese communities who are harvesting an extraordinary berry boasting sparkling grapefruit overtones, called the Timur Pepper.

For more information, please visit: https://www.mane.com/ingredients/conscious-sourcing