It was a real pleasure for MANE to take part in WPC 2022 in Miami from 29 June to 1 July. For three exciting days, we were able to reconnect after a long period of absence as we offered visitors an engaging sensory experience. Our four cabanas, characterised by the four elements, were playgrounds for experimenting with sustainability based on MANE’s expertise in four key areas and 8 innovative ingredients.

Fire element

MANE’s citrus expertise was symbolised by the fire element and showcased innovative solutions to safely use citrus gems. Visitors discovered our natural PINK GRAPEFRUIT RECTIFIED ESSENTIAL OIL reduced in furocoumarin, an energizing fresh pomelo scent that they can now enjoy in any leave-on products.
We also introduced FLORAPEEL, our non-sensitizing and allergen-free floral citrus speciality, a key component in the formulation of hypoallergenic fragrances.

Air element

Our new E-PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ range was represented by the air element, as these extracts are so delicate and precious. This new enfleurage technique combined with supercritical extraction allows for a new range of exceptional scents that closely resemble those of fresh flowers. RED CHAMPACA E-PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ has a delectable powdery floral note with vibrant honey undertones.
We also showcased for the very first time our new and exclusive GREEN JASMINE E-PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™, which has a wonderful green floral scent with fruity hints.

Water element

Our 35 years of expertise in biotechnology was expressed through the water element, a symbol of creativity. Thanks to our biochemists’ intensive research, visitors discovered our innovative and 100% natural molecules such as VAYANOL, a multi-faceted gourmand vanilla note with clove-like accords and smoky hints, and COCOTONE, a delectable grilled coconut scent, ideal in the creation of floral or fruity fragrances.

Earth element

Finally, the earth element was illustrated by our sustainably sourced Patchouli Gayo.
MANE revived the patchouli value chain from its native Sumatra in Indonesia through sustainable sourcing. This unique terroir offers a sophisticated patchouli with a delicious note of cocoa.
Visitors also experienced Patchoulyl Acetate, a neo chypre molecule made from natural patchoulol that exhibits a clean, white wood ambery scent.