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We were delighted to showcase our dedication to fragrance innovation at the World Perfumery Congress in Geneva on 25 to 27 June 2024.

In line with our commitment to addressing sustainability challenges and reducing our environmental footprint, we designed an eco-conscious booth made entirely out of cardboard.
MANE’s timeless strategy is driven by its passion and a vision of the future rooted in historical wisdom. We are honoured to work with our customers and partners and serve our global community.

Our team of experts showcased a selection of innovative ingredients.


SUBLIMOLIDE is a captivating macrocyclic musk whose structure and scent mirror the natural Ambrettolide found in ambrette seed, a plant from the hibiscus family. Rather subtle at the top, its musky note begins with a soft, understated introduction, only to bloom into a lavish and warm embrace, adorned with fruity nuances and powdery floral undertones. SUBLIMOLIDE is very long-lasting and has an impressive volume and sillage, exalting the top notes along the way.
This musk can be used in vegan formulas.


BENZOIN SIAM PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ is a multifaceted extract from benzoin resin sustainably sourced in Vietnam. In collaboration with our local partner, we have paved the way for enhanced traceability and a positive impact on local communities.
This exquisite extract promises a singular olfactory experience characterised by its warm, gourmand, balsamic notes complemented by a delicate hint of vanilla. Using our innovative JUNGLE ESSENCE™ technology, we captured the essence of the dry resin, yielding a long-lasting, remarkably rich and complex extract. It unfolds into a powdery heart infused with almond facets and subtle spicy undertones reminiscent of carnation.


Cultivated in Moldova, Rosa Lani, also known as the Crimean rose, is a confidential ingredient in perfumery that exhibits a fresh and captivating new rose scent.
MANE is the only remaining fragrance house to extract the essence of this delicate flower, preserving this precious Eastern European heritage. Working hand in hand with our local partner, we ensure complete traceability from the fields to the final extract.
ROSA LANI ABSOLUTE reveals a soft and delicate petal-like profile with a fruity freshness and hints of liquorice. It boasts a rich texture that gradually transforms into subtle tea notes with comforting undertones of hay.


MANE’s pioneering work in biotechnology has led to the creation of ANTILLONE™.
Naturally found in certain fruits, particularly pineapples, ANTILLONE™ exudes a fruity note reminiscent of green pear and pineapple, enhanced by a crisp, almost tangy undertone. Its fruity green character evokes the freshness of tropical fruits, with a cool, sharp edge that brings a vibrant and invigorating twist.
ANTILLONE™ ensures an immediate and captivating olfactory impact, adding a burst of crispy naturalness to floral bouquets and fruity accords.


MANE reinvented the enfleurage technique to address sustainability challenges. By combining maceration in vegetable oil and supercritical CO2 extraction, we obtain E-PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ extracts that reveal true-to-life scents. JASMINE SAMBAC E-PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ is an exquisite transparent floral extract with captivating gourmand apricot facets. Less animalic than the absolute, it imparts naturalness and luminosity to compositions.


SPICYRUP was created with MANE captive molecules, particularly Presantone H. Its rich, multifaceted profile makes it amazingly versatile and complex.
Initially fresh and aromatic, SPICYRUP awakens the senses with notes of camphor and an earthy scent. These soon give way to warm, woody aromas of liquorice and spices. Finally, powdery notes of vanilla and caramel make it exquisitely gourmand.
SPICYRUP is long-lasting and warm, leaving behind a captivating sillage reminiscent of luscious carrot cake. Its scent gives new meaning to the word ‘addictive’!

If you would like to know more about any of these ingredients, please contact us on ingredients@mane.com.