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MANE China’s "Love Apples"

Every year, the “Children of Madaifu” association organizes a massive sale of apples in Shanghai. These apples are cropped in the Gansu and Shanxi regions, the funds raised are used to finance the association’s activities, particularly the “orphanage without walls” action, which allows a lot of deprived kids to attend school and pursue their studies while staying with their close family.

Besides the fact that apples contain a lot of health benefits, 10kg of these apples allows the association to support a kid for 2 months.

This year, MANE Shanghai jumped on board and bought a bulk of these apples to be distributed to the employees, fresh as well as cooked in tasty pastries!

MANE is happy to contribute to the association action with this gesture.

The fresh apples as well as the pastries made by members of the Shanghai Young Bakers charity programme were distributed to all employees on November 11th and November 27th.