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MANE created fragrances for Miele's tumble dryers

After months of research, MANE in collaboration with Miele, developed an innovating system to perfume laundry directly from tumble dryers. It is a revolution in the industry of household appliances.
Customers can choose among three fragrance flacons, each of which is simply clipped into the filter casing in the door frame of the dryer. The scent is transported by the warm air to garments during the drying process and stays there for up to 4 weeks.
MANE created the three fragrances: Cocoon, Aqua and Nature, each formulated to cater for different preferences. Cocoon represents care and well-being. Aqua stands for purity and clarity while Nature evokes a sense of flowery, natural freshness. The patented manufacturing process guarantees clear, natural fragrances, resulting in a pleasant, fresh and long-lasting scent.