Mean Design Mane Stand 3

For the 2021 Beautyworld Middle East edition, MANE has presented LUMINISCENTS, a collection of 10 creative scents curated to emit light and evoke hope in your heart.

Nine star perfumers in Paris, NYC and Dubai were commissioned to push the boundaries of traditional olfactive structures in order to create scents that are lit all the way from the top to the base notes. Their task was to challenge the olfactive pyramid that is often light on the top but heavy and dark at the base.

We entrusted our perfumers with the mission of weaving scents from light while using MANE noble specialities and captives such as Bigarane™, Mugane™, Aqual ™ & Marinal ™, etc.
A process that eventually allowed new olfactive patterns to emerge.

Thanks to all our clients and friends for their visits to our booth and for the precious moments spent with us exploring our theme and creative collection for BWME 2021 LUMINISCENTS.
Thanks to our perfumers Benjamin Bélizon, Patricia Choux, Arturetto Landi, Alex Lee, Serge Majoullier, Mathieu Nardin, Véronique Nyberg, Gino Percontino and Ralf Schwieger for creativity that knows no limits!