MANE Dubai at Beautyworld Middle East 2018

“AquArabia”: the fragrance collection specially curated by MANE for the BeautyWorld ME 2018, is an attempt to bring together the world of Aqua and that of Arabian Accords. The collection was presented during BWME2018 which took place in Dubai last week from May 8th to 10th and was attended by a vast number of clients from regions spanning the Middle East, Africa, Iran, Pakistan, India, Turkey and Europe.

According to the AquArabia development team from MANE Dubai, Water is the basic element of life and a basic accord in perfumery that embodies freshness, lightness and coolness in the world of scents. It has the power to transform the environment in which it is trapped or through which it flows.

Ten MANE perfumers across three creative centres and continents, Paris, NYC and Dubai, were entrusted with the mission to explore the gentle powers of water and its interaction with Arabian accords. Using MANE’s Aqua specialties and patented ingredients such as Red Algae Jungle Essence™ and Aqual™, the perfumers challenged the heavy and rich notes of Arabian perfumes. Unifying the contrasting elements of Aqua and Oriental to create ground breaking new notes.

The 12 creative works displayed in this exhibition represent dualism in all its glory, holding together in perfect but critical harmony Aqua and Arabia, AquArabia!

The display which was designed by the local architecture firm LOCI, provided the visitors with an enclosed space that resembled a sanctuary amid the highly lit and busy surroundings of the BWME exhibition hall 5.

The blank white exterior facades were back-lit to conceal a contrasting dark but sparkling interior space. Indeed, visitors curiosity towards the white box led them to the surprisingly calm and serene interior space. The 12 creative fragrances were displayed on pedestals, made by hand out of wax and concrete. The softness of the wax against the hard concrete resembled the critical harmony and contrast embodied by the fragrances. The hand blown glass pendant lights flying in the centre of the space created the illusion of water ripples on the floor, accentuating the Aqua facet of the fragrances.

Overall, “AquArabia” provided MANE visitors a unique olfactive experience. According to many visitors, it has cemented MANE's position as a leader in the creative world of Perfumery within the ME region and beyond.


Participating Perfumers; Arturetto Landi, Cécile Matton, Claude Dir, Elizabeth Maier, Gino Percontino, Patricia Choux, Ralf Schwieger, Mathilde Bijaoui, Violaine Collas and Véronique Nyberg.