MANE, EFfCI certified

Consumers are constantly looking for increased safety and quality in cosmetic products.
ISO 22716, the international norm giving guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetics, is to be applied by the cosmetics industry actors by July 1st, 2013.
This standard covers the quality aspects of the product and specifies that cosmetics industry actors must examine their suppliers, requiring guarantees and certifications from them as well as audit them regularly.
The EFfCI GMP Standard for Cosmetic Ingredients was introduced by the EFfCI – European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients – trade association in 2005.

EFfCI, which represents the collective interests of the European chemical and natural industries as well as the suppliers and service providers for the cosmetic industries, developed this international certification guide in alignment with the ISO 9001 quality standards, outlining the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices to be applied by the Industry.

This guide aims to help members of the EFfCI Federation, and all players in the cosmetics industry, to develop a high level of quality and safety for the ingredients used in the production of cosmetics and in the manufacturing process.

By being the first company in the Fragrance Industry and the 10th in Europe to have all perfumery manufacturing activities EFfCI certified, MANE anticipates its customers’ future certification expectations and needs, all the while reaffirming that the quality of its products comply with the most demanding management system standards.