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MANE in a French TV Show

In the western region of Cameroon, various plants and animal species are threatened as they are exploited illegally for local trade.
However, many plants in this area could be valued as an alternative source of income for local communities who may therefore find interest in preserving the environment and protecting forest resources.
ERuDef (Environment and Rural Development Foundation) - a local NGO - has started a program to value these resources through the production of essential and vegetal oils.
MANE - in partnership with ERuDef - has decided to evaluate the olfactory interest of a specific aromatic plant, the Echinops Giganteus. Its characteristic odour could indeed be of interest to the fragrance industry and would be a great opportunity to develop a sustainable supply chain for this raw material.
Our R&D teams are currently working on laboratory trials with Echinops roots collected in west Cameroon. These roots are crushed and either distilled to obtain the essential oil, or extracted with a supercritical fluid resulting in a woody, earthy and camphorous extract.
MANE’s involvement in this project was highlighted on April 20, 2012, on the French TV program “Faut Pas Rêver”.