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MANE Gallery

On April 28th, the MANE New York Creative Center hosted a press event to launch Fresh: Perspectives in the new MANE Gallery. Attendees joined from Perfumer & Flavorist, Beauty Fashion, the Fragrance Foundation, Cosmetic Executive Women, Crafting Beauty, and more. The New York MANE Gallery’s launch was timed to align with the opening of the So Fresh! exhibit in our sister MANE Gallery in Paris and concluded at the end of May.

MANE Gallery is a dedicated space for exploring specific creative challenges faced by the perfume industry today. Fresh: Perspectives is a rigorous examination of what Fresh means in the context of culture, history, consumer insights, olfaction, marketing—in perfumery, and beyond. An intelligent dialogue between the art of perfume and other art forms, the exhibit provokes and invites new perspectives on the future of Fresh.