Manegmbh 30Ans

MANE Germany celebrating its 30th Anniversary

Nearly the entire EMEA management board, together with Monsieur Jean M. Mane joined in with the German team last month at an internal event to celebrate the subsidiary's 30th anniversary.

It was in 1981 when Monsieur Ekkehard Ohm-Schilling founded the German company virtually single-handedly, only supported by a part-time secretary in a small office in a residential neighbourhood of central Hamburg. As the company grew rapidly over the following years focussing on flavours, oral and personal care it moved to progressively larger premises a further 3 times within the same suburb. In 2007 it was decided to split the two divisions with the flavour team establishing a new site in Kerpen near Cologne, while the colleagues in fragrances remained in Hamburg.

After M Ohm-Schilling's final retirement in early 2009 it is today the joint responsibility of Peter Henrich and Guenter Wohlmannstetter respectively to lead MANE Germany with its currently 30 employees into a successful and sustainable future as one of the well-established, leading suppliers of flavours and fragrances in Germany.