MANE Ghana 10years Content Image

MANE Ghana marked its 10-year anniversary and inauguration of its new office in East Legon, Accra, Ghana. The new office includes fully upgraded individual laboratories: one application laboratory for savoury, one process laboratory for ice-cream including homogenisation capabilities, one application laboratory for beverage (with carbonator) and dairy, one application laboratory for confectionery and bakery. The new office and application laboratories showcase our expertise and capabilities within the Central and West African countries.

The ceremony was attended by Fredric Bouziane, Vice President Flavours, Sub-Sahara Africa, Nicole Lombard, Commercial Director for Central and West Africa, General Manager for V. MANE Fils Ghana, Samantha Mane, Group Vice President, EMEA Region Director, and Thomas Schmitt, EMEA Vice President Flavours.

Samantha Mane addressed the guests and thanked all collaborators. “The principle that makes MANE strong is the first: the expertise is local. Led by this principle, we decided to plant a flag in Central and West Africa more than a decade ago, to service over 20 countries that spans from Senegal to the Democratic Republic of the Congo”.

A ribbon cutting and a facility tour with tasting sessions from culinary, dairy, beverage, bakery, and confectionery laboratories marked the event.

MANE Ghana also designed a fabric representative of the region. Aligned with MANE’s values, it was worn by the MANE team on the day and included Adinka symbols:

Commitment and perseverance (top left): it illustrates our commitment to our partners. We refer to our customers as partners because we firmly believe in building long term relationships. Despite challenging environments, we persevere and remain committed to our vision and regional presence.
Examination and quality control (top middle): there is a personal measurement of how we can become better versions of ourselves as a team by growing, developing, being agile, flexible, etc. And a professionally one thanks to the flavours MANE offers to its customers. We continue to learn and develop new technologies that make us unique, and we have to measure ourselves and our environment to strive for excellence.
Divinity of Mother Earth (down left): it refers to MANE’s natural technologies on which the company was founded in 1871 by Victor Mane who was inspired by the exceptional beauty of the natural elements surrounding him and to MANE CSR programme that factors in the social and environmental consequences of its activities.
Humility and strength (down middle): humility is a key approach with our business partners and is part of MANE core values. Continued strength in a tough and ever evolving environment means a determined resilience and relentless drive for success whilst remaining humble and building relationships.

Our group objective remains aimed at strengthening its presence in the region to support local industries in their developments. Passion remains at the core of what we do whilst adapting in an ever-changing environment.

Thank you to the MANE teams who have shown their resilience and commitment to all that has been achieved.
Thank you to our business partners for their trust over the years.
Thank you to the Mane family and our Top Management for their unwavering commitment, support, belief in, and continued investment to support our partners since 2012.