Visuel News Patchouli Gayo PJE

MANE has decided to revive patchouli sourcing from its original land, Gayo Terroir, on Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Located in mountains surrounded by a beautiful protected jungle, Gayo has a long-term tradition and knowledge of patchouli cultivation.
We developed our own supply chain to guarantee full traceability from the fields to the final extracts. Through this sustainable sourcing, MANE offers local farmers additional revenues and positively impacts the communities' living conditions.
New must-have in the perfumer’s palette, Patchouli Gayo PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ unveils an elegant gourmand scent with a surprising fresh effect. Our JUNGLE ESSENCE™ technology allows to capture surprising cocoa undertones, balancing the earthy notes traditionally associated with this iconic woody ingredient. Patchouli Gayo PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ beautifully complements floral and leathery notes, adding richness and sophistication with its round comfy facets.

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