Cikampek opening Content image

On 13 September 2022, after 2.5 years of construction, MANE Indonesia opened a new manufacturing plant in Cikampek. The opening of the plant, the third operated by MANE Indonesia, marks a significant milestone in MANE Indonesia’s history.
Jean Mane - Group President, attended the inauguration
, participating in a series of Indonesian traditions, such as sounding the gong and cutting the tumpeng rice cone and jasmine strand, symbolising the start of this new journey.

Built over a parcel of 24,000 sq. m of land, the Cikampek plant will focus on producing infant and pharmaceutical grade (IPG) flavours. The site maintains the highest standards of hygiene from top to bottom with different zoning systems within the production area to prevent physical, chemical, and biological contamination. The facility is also equipped with an in-house quality control and microbiology laboratory, which is currently undergoing ISO 17025 accreditation.

Moreover, the plant was awarded Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Gold status certification by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED certification identifies the MANE Indonesia Cikampek Plant as a showcase example of sustainability and demonstrates our leadership in transforming the building industry, where we have achieved ambitious targets:

  • 26% decrease in energy consumption
  • 46% decrease in indoor water consumption
  • 16% of energy from renewable sources
  • 90% of indoor materials green certified

In his speech at the inauguration event, Jean Mane pointed out that as a family-owned company, the MANE Group can control its own destiny, stating “independence is not negotiable”. He feels that younger generations such as Millennials and Gen-Z entering the workforce will play an important role in MANE's future, using their skills, values and passion to help build an even stronger, more agile company: "MANE is expanding, profitable, technology-driven, and customer-focused. Our mission is to grow and hand down company ownership to the next generation. MANE believes in its employees and invests in their potential to excel."

Jean Mane concluded by emphasising how important it is to be passionate about what we do.
The event was also the occasion for Jean Mane to offer each employee a copy of the book Innovation by Essence, which marks the group’s 150th anniversary. In addition to company history, the book uses a kaleidoscopic approach and includes essays and testimonials from renowned experts directly or indirectly connected to MANE.