Mane beef alternatives

In order to fine-tune its alternative beef solutions, MANE conducted consumer research across four countries to uncover the gold standards of raw beef burgers.

The survey was carried out at the beginning of March among 2,700+ consumers from Europe’s biggest beef burger markets: France, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.

This research has enabled the company to understand more about the habits of beef burger consumers such as their consumption frequency and their preferred cooking methods. These learnings can also be applied to the trendy, alternative, beef burger segment.

Understanding the differences across countries, in terms of usages and sensory preferences, contributes to the development of relevant country-specific solutions, as well as helping MANE’s clients to accurately focus on their specific target market. Differences between countries are so important that a standard European solution would not be acceptable.

For instance, did you know that only 24% of French consumers like their burgers ‘well done’, while 71% of UK consumers prefer this type of cooking?

With such insightful data, MANE is now able to develop solutions for those consumers who eat alternative beef products with the closest possible experience to eating a 100% beef burger.