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MANE Japan celebrated its 60th anniversary

MANE Japan celebrated its 60th anniversary on the October 23th, this year 2016.

The anniversary dinner party was held in November, inviting Mr. Jean Mane (President and CEO), Mrs. Pascale Mane, Mr. Bernard J. Leynaud (Director of the ASIA region) and Ms. Samantha Mane (Director of the EMEA region) from abroad.

During the party, which featured performances by a professional piano player, a slide show going back over the MANE Group’s and MANE Japan’s history provided unforgettable memories to all participants.

MANE Japan started business in 1956 under the impulse of the second-generation president of MANE, Mr. Eugène Mane, and was the first affiliate created outside of France. At first, MANE Japan imported natural essences and fragrances for major clients, with only six employees in total.

Two keywords, “longevity” and “faithfulness”, are strongly connected with MANE Japan.

Japanese people have a traditional mindset called “Wa-kon Yo-sai”, which means “maintaining Japanese spirit, acquiring and integrating Western technology”.

The notion has long mobilized constant efforts from the Japanese to develop the country.

“Wa-kon Yo-sai” for the future  now means that MANE Japan continues to grow within the MANE Group on a solid and sustainable path, mixing perennially and sustainability with longevity and faithfulness.

Japan maintains a significant advance over other markets; Japanese products are the main trend setters, especially all over Asia, as they are considered as examples of sophistication, technology and overall quality.

In this respect, concepts developed today by Japan are the ones MANE Japan will promote in all neighborhood countries in the years to come. And this is of tremendous importance for MANE to be part of the worldwide top players of our industry.

Today MANE Japan, with 50 colleagues as one team, and thanks to the great efforts of all team members over the last six decades, pursues a solid growth.