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MANE KANCOR has joined hands with NATURES SPICES to launch a new venture called MANE KANCOR SPICES Pvt Ltd.
This new enterprise works in the space of ground, cracked and milled spices and seasoning blends. The announcement of the venture was done by Geemon Korah, CEO, Executive Director of MANE KANCOR at Kochi on the 7th of September, 2022.

NATURES SPICES currently processes about 3000 MT of spices and seasoning blends in various forms. With this new move, MANE KANCOR sets out to strengthen the 'farm to fork' service offered by our company by bringing processed spices and seasonings into the value chain. This will help us to provide a wide array of spices portfolio in various forms our customers. It will also support our internal requirements across all locations of MANE. MANE KANCOR SPICES Pvt Ltd also has the capability of private label packing operations and currently serves a few prominent retail brands in India. Our partner NATURES SPICES has been in the industry for more than 20 years with a clientele in India and abroad.

Mr. Chandrasekar Sankaranarayanan, ex-CEO of a large global spice operation has also joined MANE KANCOR as Sr. V.P of the Spices Division since April 2022.
Mr. Vinay Thomas, the current Director and CEO of NATURES SPICES will continue to run the operations.
Mr. Vinay Thomas will be reporting to Mr. Geemon Korah and, shall work closely with Mr. Chandrasekar.

Let us all join to wish the new MANE KANCOR SPICES Pvt Ltd all the success and welcome both Mr. Vinay Thomas and Mr. Chandrasekar Sankaranarayanan to our extended Mane family.