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MANE Kenya opens its doors to East Africa

MANE Kenya Ltd opened its doors in the Watermark Bus Park, located in the leafy suburb of Karen, Nairobi. MANE Kenya Ltd is a regional head office for the East African market.

The office boasts a technical laboratory, soon to be completed and supported with technical staff. The completion of the laboratory will be the first flavour application centre for the region. Marvin Murphy, General Manager of MANE Kenya Ltd added “An onsite laboratory is of vital importance to the region. We are now in the position to locally support our customer’s development needs, by working with our customer’s base to rapidly and effectively deliver finished products. NPD will also be in line with regional profiles as we invest a great amount of time in consumer research to better understand local tastes and preferences. For the first time we can offer technical support within the region at a fast pace.”

Beyond a technically supported laboratory, MANE Kenya Ltd also has a local warehouse for storage of customer products, thus minimising lead times for product deliver and reducing the customer’s working capital and storage facilities. Marvin Murphy commented “Investing in a storage facility provides a further financial and convenience advantage by improving our customers working capital and by reducing lead times”.

This office will also include and service solutions for the meat industry across East Africa. This is the first collaboration through MANE’s strategic partnership with Cape Town based DELI SPICES, who is a leading supplier of ingredients to the general food and meat industry.

MANE continues to invest in understanding the local tastes of Africa through consumer research and the opening of MANE Kenya Ltd contributes to MANE’s ever growing presence in Africa.

Other MANE flavour offices in Africa include offices in Maghreb (Algeria and Morocco), Cape Town (South Africa), and Accra (Ghana) covering North, South, East and West of the continent.