26th anniversary MANE Lerma content image

In 1995, MANE Lerma, has been created to anticipate the continuous growth of MANE Mexico and the need of a larger operations’ space. A part of the inventories, equipment and employees moved to the 15,042 m² facilities of the municipality of Lerma, State of Mexico.

At that moment, the offices counted 100 collaborators from different categories: Fine Fragrance, Home Care and Fabric Care for the Fragrances Division; Savoury, Sweet Goods, Beverages for the Flavours Division. In 1995 and 2016, new expansions were built to double production.

26 years and 10,000 m² later, MANE Lerma is composed of seven buildings close to 500 employees working with great passion and commitment, creating competitive and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the local and global Fragrances and Flavours market. MANE Lerma Plant hosts the production, administration, logistics and supply chain as well as the R&D, innovation and technologic laboratories. All these services work together to give support to the sales’ offices located in Mexico City, Monterrey, Mérida and Guadalajara.