MANE opens MEAT PRO center

MANE opens its first centre of excellence entirely dedicated to the meat industry

MEAT PRO, MANE’s Meat Centre of Excellence develops customised functional and aromatic solutions for meat professionals.

MEAT PRO was established from the joining together of two companies, MANE, a world leader in food flavours, and France Protéines Services, a specialist in semi-finished products for processed meat, thus enabling MANE to provide to the meat industry with complete solutions throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The R&D team of MEAT PRO brings 360° expertise for the development of new concepts, the economical or nutritional optimisation of a recipe or for the improvement of the functional and organoleptic performance of a finished product, taking into account each parameter of the final product: from taste to visual aspect, as well as texture and juiciness.

The MEAT PRO expert team of food technologists, flavourists, meat engineers and chefs, uses a culinary kitchen to replicate processed meat similar to that which is cooked at home. MEAT PRO also has pilot laboratories, fully equipped with professional machines to reproduce the industrial production processes of the fish and meat industries.
The MEAT PRO team takes advantage of cutting-edge flavour technologies developed by MANE, such as extraction technologies to create high-quality natural solutions, to encapsulation technologies which are key for stability and powerful flavours, as well as flavour solutions for complex formulations requiring salt reduction, fat reduction or off-note masking.