International Symposium Green Chemistry

MANE to participate in the International Symposium Green Chemistry 2017

MANE is greatly honoured to contribute to the next International Symposium on Green Chemistry (ISGC-2017) that will be held in La Rochelle, France from 16th to 19th May 2017.

Tony PHAN, Process Engineer from the Chemicals & Naturals Department, has been invited to present on 16th May, GREEN MOTION™ the first and only recognised method for Flavours & Fragrance industry (R. A. Sheldon, Green Chem., 2017, 19, 18-43).
ISGC is the world major conference in the field of Green Chemistry for scientists and industries. It gathers all the most eminent experts, researchers and industrial groups. Latest research findings and innovations will be shared to build a sustainable chemistry in leading topics such as renewable carbon, smart use of fossil resource and environmental impact assessment.