SIMPPAR2022 teaserimage

During the two-day event, our ingredients experts and creative perfumers showcased our latest innovative raw materials:

  • JASMINE GRANDIFLORUM E-PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™, obtained using our new enfleurage technique. This precious extract has a fresh jasmine scent that is a perfect complement for white flower compositions.
  • PATCHOULI GAYO PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™, a sustainably sourced Patchouli extract from Sumatra, Indonesia. The Gayo terroir offers a sophisticated patchouli, enhanced by JUNGLE ESSENCE™, a technology that unveils a delicious note of cocoa. Visitors were able to taste the distinctly gourmand note in chocolate that combined rich, dark patchouli and fresh cardamom.
  • PINK GRAPEFRUIT RECTIFIED ESSENTIAL OIL, a refreshing natural citrus extract with significantly reduced furocoumarin content. This vibrant, juicy pomelo scent can be used in any leave-on products to liven them up.
  • COCOTONE and VAYANOL, two natural molecules which embody MANE’s 35 years of biotechnology expertise. VAYANOL unveils gourmand vanilla notes with clove-like accords and smoky hints that warm up gourmand or floral accords. COCOTONE has a delectable grilled coconut scent that is ideal in floral or fruity fragrances.
  • GREENCATCHER, our green specialty created with MANE captive molecules. Ecodesign was used to create this specialty, which contains no sensitising ingredients. It has a fresh, crisp quality that adds a natural, grassy note to fragrances.