Julie Masse 1 C Matthieu Dortomb

MANE participates in the MIP event « Rencontre »

On February 24th, Julie and Philippe Massé gave a conference at the MIP (Musée International de la Parfumerie) in Grasse.

During this father-daughter discussion, they shared about their love for perfumery. This common passion which runs in the family started with Philippe’s grandfather who used to cultivate geranium in Algeria destined for the Grasse industry.

They also shared anecdotes about their education, at Roure for Philippe and with Pierre Bourdon for Julie, and spoke about the evolution the fragrance development and validation processes, from one generation to the other.

They showed a preview of the movie produced by MANE about the Geranium Bourbon from Madagascar. Julie presented the essence itself, as well as accords she created to point out the several facettes of this essential oil: spicy, fruity, juicy and aromatic. She concluded with a fragrance created around this amazing raw material.

Julie’s interest and knowledge of Geranium Bourbon strengthened during her recent field trip to Madagascar which was, in her own words, “a true olfactive discovery”.